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Business Casual For Women

There are several different types of business casual for women that will work for just about any type of business. The basics of business casual are fairly simple: a button-down shirt, a conservative neckline, no shoes, and perhaps a neat vest or waistcoat. Put simply: business casual is an everyday semi-formal business dress code which is usually seen in most modern office environments. While the term can differ between cultures and businesses, business casual generally refers to a refined, professional look which looks smart but isn’t too casual and comfortable. You don’t want to look like you’re going to have a pool party the next night, but rather one that is business appropriate.
When it comes to business casual wear, women have a few options. Slacks, either sandals or pants, are the standard choice. The line between business casual wear and dressy is blurred with the choices we have today. You can choose tops that are more tailored, more business like, with less detailing. Or you can choose bottoms that are just a bit more relaxed than slacks, like boot cut or pencil skirts. These types of tops can be quite comfortable and work well as office wear during the day, especially if you are the type of woman who doesn’t do much foot work throughout the day.
Other options for business casual for women include skirts, dresses, and even a classic blazer. Skirts can range from the simple blouse that goes to the office to the more dressy skirt or pencil skirt that’s perfect for the weekend. Some skirts are really more suited to business casual attire, while others are great for more dressy situations. Dressy blazers can be really stylish and can be paired with any top and shoes you would normally wear with a skirt or dress. This gives you many more options in terms of how you look.
The basic business casual dress code is still pretty easy to understand and follow. Jeans and dress pants with a dark colored shirt are both acceptable attire for a business casual dress code. T-shirts are optional but should be kept at a very small to almost undetectable minimum. Shoes should be fitted, and dressy shoes should be avoided if possible. A golf shirt is always an excellent choice of shirt to wear with a business casual dress code.
There are some rules that vary slightly depending on what industry you are in. An airline attendant may not dress down for a flight, while a barista at Starbucks may not need to be dressed. Regardless, there are some general basics that are generally accepted as being business casual. Jeans and dress pants should be in darker shades of dark colors and are worn with dress shirts or dress pants. For those that work in tech-related fields, a skirt or dress is optional.
A great way to stay in the norm with the dress code is to avoid jeans entirely. If you must wear jeans, a dress or skirt will be much more appropriate. Even a skirt in dark gray, black, or dark blue will be better than a pair of jeans. A wool dress shirt, a leather jacket, or a sports jacket with dress pants will all be perfectly acceptable attire for a casual Friday day.
Women’s business casual outfits can also include leggings, tights, and a button down blouse. Depending on the season, the top you wear with these can be anything from a sundress to a peasant blouse. For even more of a stylish business casual look, add some bright, colorful jewelry and accessories to your outfit. A fashionable bracelet, some flashy earrings, and a chic belt will give you the look you are after.
A very popular option for smart casual attire for women is to dress casually but still look stylish and polished. This can be done in many ways. You can wear a blouse that is more fitted, has a bit more to give, and is shorter. You could also wear a skirt, but make sure it is not too short. The last option would be to just wear a simple and elegant pair of jeans, which is probably the most versatile option for smart casual.

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