Computer Information Technology

Computer information technology (CIT) is quickly becoming a key part of business life. There are a variety of opportunities available for those with a strong interest in this fast-moving field. One of the newest branches of technology that has just begun to reach widespread appeal is the information technology and systems management degree. This degree can lead to a wide range of career opportunities, from a basic certification to advanced positions that require specialized training. This fast-growing degree program was created to prepare today’s working professionals with the skills they need to effectively manage the ever-changing face of technology.

Students pursuing a bachelor of science in computer information technology can choose to major in either the Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems (BSCS) or the Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Management (BSIS). Both programs are offered through Schreiner University and are similar to their Bachelor’s degrees. The only main difference is the length of time spent on each course. Both are designed to be a four year degree. Each also requires a minimum of three core courses, three electives and two minors.

Those students entering into either of these programs will be required to complete prerequisite courses, such as mathematics, engineering, computer systems, and business. It is also required that they have a strong understanding of computer programming principles and an ability to follow instructions. A background in business or marketing is also helpful, as is a solid understanding of the technical aspects of computer information technology… such as networks, security, and maintenance. The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree is also a good choice for anyone considering a career in the commercial world, as it generally leads to jobs in management or business service positions.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems degree is somewhat of a double-edged sword, as it is very practical in some ways but lacks certain features which would make it seem more appealing to the untrained eye. For one thing, it does not offer a major in computer information systems administration. This means that it will be extremely helpful to take computer information systems administration classes if one already holds an associate’s degree. However, those who do not have bachelor’s degrees will need to study a different major altogether. However, with some research, a student may be able to find an ACSI based bachelor’s program online, with its own concentration on information technology administration.

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Information Systems is the most common form of computer information technology program. Those seeking these types of degrees can expect to spend two years learning about all facets of information technology, as well as complete the core curriculum requirements of their two-year program. Some of the core classes, a student will need to cover include networking, security, software development, and database design. Two additional years of elective courses will cover business procedures, computer applications, and human-computer interactions.

There are some other certificate options available through colleges offering computer information technology programs. For those who already have bachelor’s degrees in related fields such as computer systems or information technology, the option of enrolling in a certificate program may be a good fit. For those not working toward a bachelor’s degree but who are interested in the field, certificate programs can be good ways to learn the necessary skills for the job. Many of these programs require no prior coursework, however.

The Applied Science Certificate Program is also offered by many schools. Like the ACSI program, those seeking this two-year certificate will need to take a core course in computer information technology. The difference is that these courses will focus more on technical aspects of applied science, rather than on broad topics. However, students will still be required to take a general education requirement. Those looking to pursue careers in this field should consider getting an associates or bachelor’s degree through an accredited school.

There are a number of job opportunities for those interested in the computer information technology field. Careers include network architects, computer systems analysts, computer software designers, programmers, consultants, security designers, and testers. These positions often require formal training and education. Most of these positions require passing an exam that covers topics such as computer systems architecture and network security. Those looking to work in the IT field should be prepared to attend a school that offers training in basic IT principles and business systems. There are also many career opportunities for those who are already trained in the technical aspects of computer systems and information technology, but would like to pursue a career in business or management of computer systems.