Costco Business – Is a Costco Business Right For You?

If you have ever wondered how a Costco Business could be running today, it may surprise you to learn that Costco is more than just a discount warehouse club. While the warehouse club started out as a warehouse club for small businesses, Costco is now the world’s largest seller of bulk goods and household cleaning supplies. Costco Wholesale Corporation is an American mega-corporation that operates a chain of more than 20 membership-based large-box retailer stores. In its most basic form, Costco sells products at prices lower than those found in its own stores, including on-line purchases. In today’s global economy, Costco is playing a leading role in our country’s economic future. Here are some facts about the global membership company:
Costco’s core business is to sell wholesale merchandise at wholesale prices. It does not specialize in any particular product or brand. In fact, there is no specific department store theme that Costco carries. Costco carries merchandise for all types of consumers. This means it is a good choice for someone who want to shop for items for a family, for individuals, for college students, and even for the senior population.
There are several different membership levels within the organization. Each has its own unique benefits, but all of them come with very low costs, as compared to other retail membership. At Costco, members receive a five percent discount to their total purchases, plus a twenty-five percent discount on per-piece items like towels, apparel, slippers, blankets, swimwear, bedding and other items.
Other unique perks associated with Costco membership are the “daytrade” programs. Members are permitted to trade in their old products, or sell the same ones that they currently own. They can also open a day trade account, which allows them to buy and sell items without worrying about opening and closing a checking account. Costco offers free member specials and discounts at farmer’s markets, plus a twelve percent off member dining at the restaurants and fifty percent off certain patio and deck cleaning services. Some of their other membership perks include:
A Costco member can enjoy all of the advantages of being a savvy customer, but they also get to enjoy a lot of perks. For example, when they purchase a “valued” item, such as a vacuum cleaner, at a Costco member’s warehouse, it becomes part of their “Vendor Share”. The vacuum cleaner is usually priced at $20 or less. Each time a member uses a vacuum at Costco, they get a discounted rate on the vacuum. A Costco representative will visit a Costco member’s home or place of business, present an item to the person and make a sale.
A Costco business gives members a “buy one, get one free” offer. Each time a customer buys something from a Costco member, they receive a free gift card. This offers an opportunity for the buyer to buy even more things from the store, which saves money for everyone involved. A Costco membership also entitles the consumer to special pricing on certain items, such as tires, patio heaters, cleaning supplies and restaurant equipment.
On top of saving money, a Costco membership gives you the benefit of being “shop green.” At Costco, you can shop the hours you choose during the year. There are no office hours and no need to report to anyone. You can literally go about your business twenty-four hours per day and receive the same low prices as many more traditional retailers. Additionally, a Costco membership gives you free shipping on your purchases. There are never any annual fee and no membership verification fees.
A Costco business gives its customers lots of “free gifts”. Customers have a choice of free bags of food, free fruit, cheese, nuts, crackers and coffee. Also, there are no membership fees associated with purchasing these types of products. There are also no sales tax or fees associated with making purchases at the Costco warehouse. A Costco business gives its members the option to purchase many more items than they would individually if they shopped at their local retailer. As an added benefit to its customers, a Costco business often provides additional seasonal sales and coupons, so that the cost of doing business at Costco is very reasonable.