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How Can Micron Technology, Incorporated Make Money?

Micron Technology, Incorporated is an American manufacturer of personal computer data storage and computer memory including random access memory, ultra-small form memory, mini form memory and USB flash memory. It is headquartered in Idaho. Its consumer goods are sold under the names Crucial, Dell, Toshiba, eMachines, and HP. It produces a wide range of motherboards, processors, hard disk drives, optical drives, memory sticks, solid state drives and other computer peripheral devices. It also supplies voltage control, interface controls, data acquisition devices, and virtualization software.
Nand technology, as well as Xoritic, are a family of high performance, low-cost memory techniques. Xoritic is an electrically conductive semiconductor material. It has the highest known transferability of any semiconductor. Nand is used for many of the memory requirements of personal computers.
The Micron Technology, Incorporated memory products enable faster and better performance by providing less-volatile storage solutions. These solutions include flash memory, fixed data drives, non-volatile memory (non-volatile memory eRAM) and other small form integrated circuit (SIC) devices. Through the invention of the Q-membrane technique, it has been possible to fabricate a thin, flat membrane which has superior electrical and electronic properties.
The division of Micron Technology, Incorporated that manufactures this novel technique involves innovative memory chips made from pure silicon. The silicon materials enable highly efficient signal transmission through narrow bandwidth. Another segment of Micron Technology, Incorporated that is developing novel storage solutions for personal computers is the cloud server business. The cloud server business consists of the development and manufacture of large scale ultra-low cost server platforms that can be accessed by a wide client base. The cloud servers are based on compact modular fabrication process that enables fabrication of the required components at the client site and have them shipped to the client.
The market penetration and value added services of the cloud server business segments enable it to compete with the leading companies in the memory market. The company manages its customer’s data and allows easy access to it from anywhere in the world. Through this innovative solution, the total revenue for Micron Technology, Incorporated may reach $6 billion dollars. On the other hand, the clientele for the Micron Memory Products that incorporate this method of data transmission may reach billions of dollars annually. The clientele for the memory business segments include corporations, government agencies, educational institutions, hospitals and many more.
The other segment that includes memory products sold by Micron Technology, Incorporated that may increase the revenues of the corporation is the Personal Computer and its accessories. The Personal Computer segment is a large one due to the fact that most people today use computers and its peripherals such as printers, scanners, keyboards, mice and monitors. The increase in demand for the Personal Computer and its peripherals such as printers, scanners, keyboards, mice and monitors enable the company to make money by selling the hardware and software. The operating income for the corporation through this method of Micron technology, Incorporated may reach up to twenty five billion U.S. dollars annually.
The third segment, the NAND flash Memory products may also help the Micron Technology, Incorporated in increasing the revenues. The NAND flash Memory products manufactured by the corporation are generally based on the flash memory technology. This type of memory has an advantage over the others such as the EMI/SEMI and the ROM. Because of the consistency in the speeds of the devices manufactured by this corporation, the NAND flash products easily fit into the computer system. When using this memory, the Micron Technology, Incorporated may be able to reduce the power consumption of the computer system. This will ensure that the computer users do not need to turn down their systems to make use of the Micron Technology, Incorporated memory.
Through the information given above, it is evident that the Micron Technology, Incorporated can sell its products to the corporations that may need them. The corporation may also sell its products to other companies that need to enhance their processes especially if they are in the information technology business. With this, the corporation can improve the incomes of its investors. The sales of the semiconductor products will also reach new heights in the future.

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