Verizon Business – How It Will Gain Total Control Over the Telematics Industry

Verizon Communications is an American multinational communication conglomerate and a major corporate constituent of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The company is named after Verizon Communications Inc., which is also known as Verizon Communications. The company is largely headquartered in New York City, but has also many centers around the world. Verizon operates with a distinct competitive advantage due to its fiber optic network, which allows for faster downloads and much higher bandwidth transmission speeds. This enables Verizon to provide a cable service in rural areas as well as offering high-speed internet via its copper network which is called Verizon FiOS.
Verizon is one of the largest consumer and supplier of telecom equipment and services in the United States. It offers several different kinds of telecom products and services under its Verizon brand name. Among these are Verizon Business Phone, Verizon FiOS, Verizon Wireless, and Verizon Home Phone. Verizon’s other major subsidiary divisions are: Verizon Business Phone, Verizon Enterprise Solutions, Verizon Digital Network Services, and Verizon Digital Video Services. Each division brings a unique kind of expertise to the table. Together, these offer a diverse but compelling business model that has made Verizon one of the most successful and profitable companies in the world.
As part of their strategy to penetrate and monopolize the communications market, Verizon is trying to strengthen its foothold in the highly competitive arena of wireless broadband. They have already been successful in getting the wireless contracts of all their biggest customers, such as AT&T, and Microsoft. But they need more to gain the monopoly over all the wireless contracts. In order to achieve this goal, Verizon is trying to create a second Google, or rather, a “verelled” Google, that will compete directly with the established Google and focus on providing services that have a few things in common with the established Google, but which are very different from Google’s current offerings.
What are some of these services? Verizon is going to launch two services that are very interesting indeed: One, it will launch a wireless broadband service that will compete with the established Google and, two, it will launch a vertical search engine called Verizon Explore. The service will run on a hybrid basis between Google and AOL search. According to sources, it will also use Verizon’s vast business resources to launch its services. So we can see how Verizon aims to enter the wireless broadband market.
Apart from these two endeavors, Verizon is also planning to launch two new business products. These will be named Verizon Business Connects, and Verizon Workplace Connects. We can guess that Verizon Wireless could also join these groups and even merge them into one giant entity in future. The executive vice president of Verizon, David Moore, said that these plans are in the works, and that it is too early to talk about these two products, Verizon Business Connects, and Verizon Workplace Connects, at present.
However, according to an analyst, Robert Mills, Verizon Wireless could be ready to reveal some of its plans for its upcoming future during its fiscal year ending in June of 2018. According to him, the company could announce something related to the sale of wireless airwaves to other wireless companies for a very huge amount, possibly up to a billion dollars. Even if Verizon does not sell all of its airwaves to other companies, it could still make a big profit after selling half of it.
It seems that Verizon will not be following the footsteps of its competitors; instead, it will take a different path altogether. This company seems to be quite focused on making its own mark in the mobile industry. In fact, it already has its own unique brand identity, and it is already dominating the market through its low prices, unlimited offers, and zero percent finance and leasing programs. If this company wants to win over the competition, then it must take advantage of its already established brand identity.
Perhaps, Verizon’s first step towards gaining total domination in the wireless Telematics sector will be its purchase of Yardman, which is already dominating the entire industry in the mobile telecommunication field. However, Verizon should not just be satisfied with that. It should go the extra mile and expand its already overwhelming territory to include the entire country. With this great move, it will be able to cover every square inch of America in just two months. No wonder that the stock price of Verizon is rising upwards with time!